Twins Separated At Birth: The Story of Asymmetric Cell Division

You’ve probably heard of mitosis and meiosis but what if I told you that a specific type of cell division has been hidden from you all this time? Cells DON’T always divide into two identical cells and it’s the reason why we’re still alive.

The Basics

The Cell Family

The Cell Cycle: A Focus On Mitosis

This is actual footage of kidney cells undergoing mitosis and then cytokinesis! While prophase isn’t exactly shown, you can clearly see 1) metaphase 2) anaphase 3) telophase and 4) cytokinesis.

Apical vs. Basal

What’s a Protein Complex?

Asymmetric Cell Division

Intrinsic Factors


Watch this amazing video from this article that shows Numb gathering in one side of the cell to cause ACD. The numb is shown in bright green around the perimeter of the cell!


Partner of Inscuteable (Pins) / LGN & Gαi


A Focus on aPKC

Here, apical is up. The top row is without Aurora-A and the bottom one is with Aurora-A. Notice how the Numb is gathering at the basal side (or the bottom in this case) when Aurora-A is present!

Notch Signalling

Extrinsic Factors


Tying It All Together

Want More?

This my video where I go over how you can both proliferate and differentiate stem cells, all from the comfort of your home! I talk about ACD in there so make sure to check it out!
This video was an incredible help while writing this article and a must-watch for any ACD enthusiasts!


15 y/o innovator at TKS trying to uncover the secrets of stem cells everyday 🧬

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